The Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands: Our Top 5 Picks

Golf is a game that requires skill, precision, and a solid grip on the club. For players with sweaty hands, maintaining that grip can be a challenge. The right golf glove can make all the difference by providing the necessary traction, fit, and breathability to ensure your hand stays cool and dry, even in hot or humid conditions. As such, finding the best golf gloves for sweaty hands is essential for those looking to perform at their best on the course.

Golf gloves for sweaty hands are designed with specific materials and features to help wick away moisture and promote air circulation. These gloves offer the perfect balance of durability, comfort, and performance, ensuring that players can confidently maintain control of their swing. With a variety of options available on the market, it’s important to consider the key factors that contribute to the ideal golf glove for sweaty hands before making a purchase.

Our Top Picks

Top Overall Golf Gloves For Sweaty Hands:
FootJoy Men’s RainGrip Golf Gloves

Runner Up:
FINGER TEN Golf Gloves for Men

The Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

FootJoy Men’s RainGrip Golf Gloves

FootJoy Men's RainGrip Golf Gloves

We recommend these gloves for golfers seeking excellent grip and moisture control in wet or sweaty conditions.


  • Unmatched grip in wet or humid conditions
  • Quick-drying and breathable material
  • Comfortable and precise fit


  • Not specifically designed for dry conditions
  • Limited color options
  • No warranty included

These FootJoy Men’s RainGrip Golf Gloves are designed to provide golfers with exceptional grip in wet or humid conditions. The Autosuede knit palm conforms to both your hand and club, ensuring a secure grip and maximum control. This is particularly beneficial for players with sweaty hands as it greatly enhances their playing experience.

The gloves are made from quick-drying QuikDry II knit material that offers breathability, flexibility, and comfort on the back of the hand and fingers. This material ensures that your hands remain dry and cool while you focus on your game. Additionally, the gloves are sold in pairs, allowing for optimum convenience and an even grip on both hands during play.

The angled ComforTab closure on the FootJoy Men’s RainGrip Golf Gloves ensures a precise fit and stress-free comfort. Despite not having a warranty, these gloves have received high satisfaction ratings from customers for their performance, design, and overall quality. While not specifically designed for use in dry conditions, these gloves are a great addition to any golfer’s gear, especially those who frequently experience sweaty hands or play in wet environments.

FINGER TEN Golf Gloves for Men

FINGER TEN Golf Gloves

These gloves are a reliable choice for golfers seeking optimal grip and comfort in hot, wet weather conditions.


  • Excellent grip in wet weather
  • Quick-drying and breathable
  • Affordable 6-pack option


  • Not sold as a pair
  • Limited color options
  • Possible durability issues

The FINGER TEN Golf Gloves offer an unbeatable grip in rainy, hot, and wet weather conditions, making them a perfect option for golfers who frequently play in such climates. The high-quality 3D performance mesh ensures a comfortable fit while wicking away moisture and providing breathability. Golfers who sweat more in hot weather will find these gloves to be a great solution for maintaining grip and improving performance.

Available in various sizes and hand orientations, these gloves conform to standard US sizing. However, it’s important to note that they are not sold as pairs like other rainy gloves and are only available in grey. Each glove comes individually packaged in a small bag for convenience and easy storage.

Despite some reviews noting durability concerns, many satisfied customers have praised the FINGER TEN Golf Gloves for their ability to maintain a non-slip grip even in the most humid conditions. They are also lightweight and flexible, which adds to their overall comfort. The affordable 6-pack option provides excellent value for golfers who need multiple gloves for those long days on the course. Overall, the FINGER TEN Golf Gloves are a practical and budget-friendly choice for sweaty-handed golfers seeking a dependable grip in wet conditions.

FINGER TEN Golf Gloves

FINGER TEN Golf Gloves

These golf gloves are a great value choice for golfers who struggle with sweaty hands in various weather conditions.


  • Excellent grip in rain, hot, and wet conditions
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable microfiber material
  • Available in different sizes and sold in a 3-pack for greater value


  • May not be suitable for daily golfers due to durability concerns
  • Fit may be slightly snug for some golfers
  • No ball marker on the black and white gloves

The FINGER TEN Golf Gloves are specifically designed to enhance your performance in rain, hot, and wet weather conditions. This set of gloves features a patterned microfiber material that wicks away moisture and provides breathability, making it an excellent choice for golfers who frequently experience sweaty hands in various climates. The gloves are very lightweight and flexible, offering unrestricted movement and optimal comfort throughout the game.

These gloves are available in multiple sizes, accommodating a wide range of golfers. They are sold in a 3-pack, giving you great value for money while allowing you to easily rotate gloves during your game to keep your hands as dry and comfortable as possible. The gloves are offered in both microfiber and leather options, with the latter including a ball marker.

Despite their many advantages, these gloves might not be suitable for golfers who play daily, as some users noted potential durability concerns. Additionally, the fit may be slightly snug for some golfers. It’s essential to keep in mind that black and white gloves do not include a ball marker, unlike their leather counterparts.

Overall, the FINGER TEN Golf Gloves provide exceptional performance for golfers dealing with sweaty hands, particularly in extreme weather conditions. The 3-pack offers excellent value while accommodating a variety of hand sizes and preferences.

Amy Sport Golf Gloves Men Pair

Amy Sport Golf Gloves

A great choice for golfers seeking high-quality gloves that provide excellent grip and comfort for sweaty hands in various weather conditions.


  • Exceptional moisture-wicking and breathable material
  • Superior grip in rain, heat, and wet conditions
  • Variety of sizes and colors available


  • Durability concerns in some cases
  • Gloves might get dirty quickly
  • Possible design inconsistency (small holes in-between fingers)

The Amy Sport Golf Gloves are designed to cater to golfers who have issues with sweaty hands, especially during hot weather. The 3D performance mesh material not only ensures a perfect fit but also effectively deals with moisture and sweat, keeping your hands dry and comfortable throughout the game. These gloves are lightweight and flexible, promoting better performance and ensuring no slipping issues.

In addition to hot weather performance, these gloves prove to be an ideal option for golfers playing in rainy or wet conditions. With their unbeatable wet weather grip and quick-drying comfort, you can be prepared for adverse play conditions. These gloves are also available in standard US sizes and four different colors, ensuring a variety of options for happy customers.

However, a few drawbacks are worth mentioning. Some customers have expressed concerns about the durability of the gloves, experiencing fraying on the finger sections after a month of use. Additionally, these gloves can get dirty quite easily, potentially requiring frequent washing. Lastly, a few customers have reported small holes in between the fingers, although this might be an intentional design element for better breathability.

FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Golf Gloves, Pack of 2

FootJoy Men's WeatherSof Golf Gloves

Experience great performance and durability with FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Gloves, perfect for those with sweaty hands.


  • Enhanced durability with advanced performance leather
  • Extraordinary fit from exclusive FiberSof material
  • Breathable mesh for added comfort


  • Seams may tear between fingers
  • Size options may not cater to everyone
  • Lesser grip compared to high-end gloves

FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Golf Gloves offer impressive durability, thanks to the advanced performance leather strategically placed in the thumb and extended palm patch. The durability combined with grip performance makes these gloves stand out in key wear areas.

Moreover, comfort is prioritized with the incorporation of FiberSof material that provides a soft feel and a secure grip. It ensures a consistent fit while maintaining exceptional grip performance for the golfer. The breathable PowerNet mesh across the knuckles enhances airflow, adding extra comfort and flexibility as your hand flexes.

However, a few drawbacks exist such as the seams developing tears between fingers, potentially compromising the glove’s integrity. The sizing options may not be suitable for everyone, and some users reported the fit to be too tight. Additionally, the grip strength of these gloves might not be at the same level as more expensive, premium gloves.

Key Takeaways

  • Golf gloves for sweaty hands improve grip and performance on the course.
  • Specialized materials and features enhance breathability and moisture control.
  • Quality, fit, and value are important considerations when choosing the best golf gloves.

Importance of Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Golf gloves play a crucial role in the overall performance of a golfer, especially when it comes to providing a secure grip and comfort. For those with sweaty hands, finding the right glove becomes even more essential as it significantly affects their swing and grip on the club.

Sweaty palms can cause the golf club to slip during a swing, leading to mishits and decreased performance. Wearing a golf glove specifically designed for sweaty hands can help alleviate this issue and improve a golfer’s grip, enabling them to perform at their best.

Golf gloves for sweaty hands are typically made from materials such as leather or synthetic materials, which can effectively wick moisture away and prevent the build-up of sweat on the hands. This feature not only aids in maintaining a proper golf grip, but also enhances the overall comfort during the game.

Some of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands in 2023 include:

  • FINGER TEN Men’s Golf Glove
  • FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Golf Gloves
  • Titleist Perma Soft Golf Glove
  • Callaway Golf Men’s OptiColor Leather Glove

The right size and choice of materials are crucial when selecting the best golf glove for sweaty hands. Additionally, features like breathability, durability, and quality construction also contribute to improving a golfer’s grip and comfort on the course, ultimately benefiting their overall performance.

Materials Used in Making Golf Gloves

Breathable Material

Breathable materials are commonly used in golf gloves to help keep hands cool and dry, especially in hot and humid conditions. These materials allow air to flow through the glove, preventing the buildup of sweat and moisture. Some examples of breathable materials used in golf gloves include perforated Cabretta leather and certain synthetic fabrics with moisture-wicking properties.

Cabretta Leather

Cabretta leather is a popular material for golf gloves, particularly among professional players. Made from the skin of hair sheep, it offers a soft, comfortable feel and an excellent grip. One of the key features of Cabretta leather is its breathability. Perforations add to the breathability of the material, providing better air circulation and helping hands stay cool and dry.

Synthetic Fabric

Synthetic fabrics are increasingly being used in golf gloves due to their durability and cost-effectiveness. These gloves are often made from a combination of materials, such as FiberSof, which is a synthetic material that simulates the feel of Cabretta leather. Synthetic gloves might also include suede or APL (Advanced Performance Leather) patches to enhance grip and durability. Some synthetic gloves are infused with aloe vera to provide a moisturizing effect on the hands.

Mesh Material

Mesh materials are another option for golf gloves, providing both breathability and flexibility. The use of mesh helps to keep the hands cool, while also allowing for better movement and fitting of the glove. Mesh is often combined with other materials, such as Cabretta leather or synthetic fabrics, to provide a comfortable and functional golf glove for those with sweaty hands.

Analyzing the Fit and Feel of Golf Gloves

When determining the best golf gloves for sweaty hands, it’s essential to focus on the fit and feel. A proper fit is crucial to ensuring comfort and improving overall performance on the course. Therefore, factors like size and tightness should be carefully considered when choosing a suitable golf glove.

Size: Golf glove sizes range from small to extra-large, with some manufacturers offering additional options for those with particularly narrow or wide hands. To find the correct glove size, it is helpful to measure the circumference of your dominant hand and compare it to the sizing charts provided by golf glove companies. This will ensure an accurate fit that accommodates the unique dimensions of your hand.

Fit and Feel: Another important consideration when choosing a golf glove is the overall fit and feel. The ideal golf glove should conform to the contours of your hand without being overly tight or restrictive. In addition, the glove material should provide sufficient comfort and breathability to prevent discomfort during hot or humid weather conditions, which can lead to sweaty hands.

Materials like soft Cabretta leather offer a premium quality and excellent feel, as seen in Callaway Tour Authentic Golf Gloves. However, synthetic materials such as FootJoy TropiCool with Nano Lock Fiber Palm can also provide a lightweight and comfortable fit, as well as adjustable closures for maximum grip control.

Tight Fit: A snug, but not restrictive fit is crucial for maintaining optimum grip and control during your golf swing. If a glove is too tight, it can limit your hand movement and put unnecessary strain on your hand muscles. Conversely, a loose-fitting glove may lead to slipping and a loss of control. It’s important to strike a balance between a secure and comfortable grip. Adjustable closures, like those found in the FootJoy TropiCool gloves, can help ensure a proper tightness that caters to individual preferences.

Key Features to Look for in Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands


One of the most important features to look for in golf gloves for sweaty hands is breathability. Gloves with superior breathability allow air to flow freely, helping your hands stay cool and dry. Materials like synthetic leather or mesh fabric can provide excellent breathability while maintaining comfort and grip.


Durability is another key feature for golf gloves, especially for sweaty hands. Gloves must be able to withstand constant wear, abrasion, and moisture exposure. Look for gloves made of high-quality materials like premium Cabretta leather or synthetic alternatives that can resist wear while retaining their shape and grip.


Moisture-wicking technology is essential for drawing sweat away from your hands and helping them stay dry. A glove with moisture-wicking properties can reduce the risk of losing your grip on the club due to sweat. Materials like microfiber materials or synthetic leather with moisture-wicking properties can help keep your hands dry and improve your overall game performance.


Traction is crucial for maintaining a secure grip on your club during swings. Golf gloves for sweaty hands should have excellent traction features like silicone or textured palm surfaces to help prevent slipping. Some gloves may even have built-in grip enhancements like strategically placed pads or patterns to provide a better grip connection with your club.


Proper ventilation is crucial to keep your hands cool and dry while wearing golf gloves. A well-ventilated glove can reduce the chances of sweaty hands. Look for gloves with mesh or perforated materials in areas that are prone to sweating, such as the knuckles and fingers. This will allow for air circulation and help dissipate heat and sweat.

Velcro Closure

A reliable Velcro closure system is essential for a secure fit and easy adjustments during your golf game. Velcro closures can offer a customizable fit and ensure that the glove stays snug on your hand without becoming too tight or loose over time. Make sure the Velcro is of high quality and can withstand constant use without losing its grip.

Magnetic Ball Marker

Although not directly related to sweaty hands, a magnetic ball marker is a convenient feature that can enhance your golf experience. Some golf gloves come with built-in magnetic ball markers on their closures, allowing you to easily mark your ball’s position on the green without needing to search for a separate marker.

By considering these key features in your golf glove selection, you can confidently choose the best glove for your sweaty hands and enjoy an improved grip, comfort, and overall golfing experience.

Other Considerations for Choosing Golf Gloves


For golfers with arthritis, finding a suitable glove is crucial for maintaining comfort and ensuring an enjoyable game. Gloves designed specifically for arthritis often feature additional padding, flexible material, and a contoured shape, which help alleviate joint pain and provide extra support to the hands.

An excellent resource for golfers with arthritis is the Golf Monthly newsletter – it regularly offers tips, advice, and recommendations for various golf products, including gloves tailored to specific needs. Additionally, it is wise to consult with a golf professional or a medical expert familiar with arthritis to receive personalized guidance.

Remember that comfort, breathability, and fit should be prioritized when selecting gloves for golfers with arthritis. However, additional factors like material composition, moisture-wicking properties, and overall durability should not be disregarded. A well-rounded, high-quality glove will ultimately enhance your game and allow for better performance on the course.

Decision Making: Balancing Quality and Value

When choosing the best golf gloves for sweaty hands, it’s essential to consider both the quality and value of the gloves. High-quality gloves usually come with a higher price, but they often provide better breathability, grip, and durability.

One option for golfers seeking a premium quality glove is the FootJoy Pure Contact Restricted Golf Gloves. These gloves offer an excellent fit, feel, and impressive durability due to their soft Cabretta leather construction. However, this high-quality option may come with a premium price tag.

For those looking for more budget-friendly options, the Kirkland Signature Golf Gloves come in a 4-pack and offer great value despite their lower pricing. These gloves provide a good balance between quality and affordability, making them an excellent choice for golfers mindful of their budget.

Additionally, it’s crucial to examine the product features to determine the overall value offered by each glove. Consider the following points when weighing the quality and value aspects of golf gloves:

  • Breathability: Gloves with good breathability, like the Callaway Opti Flex Golf Gloves, help keep hands dry and comfortable during hot or humid conditions.
  • Grip: The grip is essential for maintaining a solid connection with the golf club. Look for gloves with features like FootJoy TropiCool’s Nano Lock Fiber Palm, which offers maximum grip control.
  • Fit and comfort: A glove with an adjustable fit and comfortable materials will allow for a better performance on the golf course.
  • Durability: Higher-quality gloves tend to last longer, providing better long-term value despite their higher initial cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are ideal for breathable golf gloves?

Breathable golf gloves are typically made from synthetic materials. These materials, such as polyester and spandex, provide excellent ventilation and wick away moisture from your hands. Some gloves, like the FootJoy TropiCool, make use of specialized fabric technology to enhance breathability.

Which gloves offer excellent grip despite perspiration?

Several golf gloves offer a solid grip even when your hands are sweaty. Some of the top options include the FootJoy TropiCool, UnderArmour Iso Chill, and CaddyDaddy Claw Golf Glove. These gloves feature tacky surfaces or silicone-web coatings that help maintain a firm grip on your club.

How do rain gloves perform with sweaty hands?

Rain gloves are designed to provide grip in wet conditions, so they may also work well for those with sweaty hands. They are made from water-resistant materials, which can help keep your hands dry. However, rain gloves may not be as breathable as other options specifically designed for sweaty hands.

What can be recommended for beginner golfers with sweaty hands?

For beginner golf players with sweaty hands, it’s essential to choose a glove that offers both breathability and grip. Some good options to consider are the Callaway Weather Spann (an all-weather option) and the FootJoy WeatherSof (a great value choice). These gloves provide suitable performance at a reasonable price.

What are the best ambidextrous gloves for sweaty hands?

Ambidextrous golf gloves offer the ability to switch between left- and right-handed play easily. While few options cater specifically to sweaty hands, gloves like the Callaway X-Spann or Zero Friction gloves are ambidextrous options worth considering. These gloves offer decent breathability and grip that can work for golfers with sweaty hands.

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